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Hi! I enjoy reading the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, and finding out about Greg's antics. My favourite is probably the light green book, Hard Luck. Greg has a magic 8 pool ball, which can 'predict the future'. Jeff Kinney also made a spin-off, which was the diary of Greg's friend Rowley called 'Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid'. I liked how the Cheese Touch craze spread rapidly around the school.

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Hi! I'm Alex and I live in Thurrock. I live with my mum and dad as an only child, and I like reading. I like the Dandy Annual 2018 the most because of the illustrations and humour. My uncle has two dogs, called Ted and Jessie.

I enjoy playing continuous games of 'fetch' in the garden, throwing the ball for him to catch. I enjoy English at school, especially creative writing and grammar. I like ICT just as much.  

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