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Trip to the Magic Flute

Hi...I am so excited that a group of year 5 children will be visiting the Royal Opera House in London on 18th Sept. We are going to watch a performance of the Magic Flute and reminder letters will be going out next week for those children who are involved.

We are leaving at 9am so everyone needs to be in the music room for 8.45.....with your packed lunch in a plastic bag so we can just throw all the bits away after lunch.

See you next week....

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Junior music festival 2016

coolA great big well done to all the members of the junior were amazing.....

What a great time we all had it was truly ...Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious......have a great summer and keep singing. yes

Junior Choir

Well done to everyone who came for choir  rehearsals today....We are beginning create a good sound...keep up the good work and remember to practice the songs during the week.

I'd like to hear you singing around the school so I know your practicing.....ha ha....smileysmiley.

Music this week...

Year 6 explored the Bossa Nova this week and managed to play along using glockenspiels....well done everyone....


Year 5 topic this term is film...we are looking at sound effects and enjoyed watching 1920s and 1930s cartoons and exploring various  sound effects to go with the films.


This week year 4 started to learn about Mian drumming from Ghana.......we all had a great time practicing our rhythm patterns...Hippopotamus  can't fly.....I'm looking forward to learning the next layer of rhythm this week.


Year 3 looked at improvisation playing the recorder...we are beginning to make a good sound...well done everyone...



Easter production

I am sorry I won't be able to see the Easter production on the 23rd/24th, but I know you are all going to be amazing.....the rehearsal in the church today went well.... I know you will be even better tomorrow...... just remember all your words and actions and don't forget to face your audience!!!!.

Well done everyone have FUN!!!!!!!...have a fantastic Easter and I look forward to seeing you next term......



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