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A busy week!

Wow! Year 5 had such a busy week last week and we are only just recovering now.


On Tuesday we had a visit from an author called Jack Trelawny. He writes the Kernowland books and we can't wait to read  them!


On Wednesday we all went to the Civic Hall in Blackshots for an internet safety workshop. It was called Walk On Line and we learned about how to keep ourselves safe when online and using apps like musicly, snapchat, facebook, youtube and lots more! The most important thing is to make sure you know the person you are talking to and to make sure that your account is on private. Also you should never meet up with someone you've only spoken to online. 


On Thursday, we all went to the Tower of London. We had to get up so early so that we could beat the traffic in London. We learned all about William the Conqueror, and how he built the White Tower in order to control London. We got to act out the Battle of Stamford Bridge and the Battle of Hastings. It was great!


What was your favourite part of our busy week?

Our first blog of 2017!

After a long and arduous hunt, Miss Doyle found the missing hole punch! The class rejoiced as Miss Doyle proclaimed the good news! We could continue to make our planets on Thursday! laugh



We have a new arrival in 5D!

His name is Jeffrey Gary Simba Doyle (also known as JJ). JJ is a stripey multi-coloured giraffe, who has a neck as long as Pinnochio's nose, and a pencil as small as an ant. He has four legs and usually is found basking in the light of the visualiser. Jeffrey is always on the lookout for the best groups in lessons and these children will get to move their names up the behaviour chart!

#class mascot

The last week of half term!

"Today we went to see Hairspray the Musical at Grays Convent. I enjoyed it because it was very interesting. My favourite part was the finale when all the actors were singing together!" commented Micaela.


"My favourite day of the week was Thursday when we went to Brentwood Cathedral. It is the main church in our diocese. We took a tour around the cathedral. We walked through the Door of Mercy!" explained Dumebi.


"I enjoyed making a travel brochure for my planet, Candyfloss Safari. On Candyfloss Safari you can go swimming in sherbert!" declared Reya.

This week in 5D

"This week I enjoyed learning about capacity in Maths, we learned about scales and solved problems." commented Vanessa M.


"We evaluated our RE topic today. We had been learning all about missions. We had to write about what we remembered and what we would like to investigate further." proclaimed Lysette.


"On Tuesday Mr. G came to into us and spoke to us all about space,. There was a giant dome in the hall and it was just like a planetarium!" elaborated Louis.


This week in 5D

"This week I enjoyed learning about the phases of the Moon," said Bobby.


"We had our liturgy today. It was about missions, specifically Mother Teresa and her mission to help the people Calcutta. We did a great job!" exclaimed Thomas.


"I really enjoyed PE this week. We learned about different lifts and counterbalances this week. I like learning gymnastics." declared Ezra enthusiastically.


We hope you all enjoy the three day weekend!

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