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Testing 1,2,3

We have been very busy this half term our highlights have been:

  • Reading Street Child and how linked to our other subjects
  • Making Victorian puppet theatres
  • Doing William Morris desgins
  • Making the parachutes and learning about the different forces
  • Writing letters and diary entries as the characters in Street Child
  • Hockey in PE
  • The Ourselves topic in RE- especially how we are all unique in our special way
  • Organising a class mass and liturgy

What did you enjoy most?


Get ready for next half term. Have look on website for the overview for next half term.


What are most looking forward to learning about?


What are you doing over half term?


Make sure you're reading as I will still be checking your reading records.

Back to school!

We have now been at school for our first full week! We have been settling in to our new year groups (even me). We have new routines and time tables to get used to. I have enjoyed the challenge of a new year group and am impressed at how well the children have settled in.


We have started all of our new topics- the Victorians, Forces, designing computer games, place value, Street Child and ourselves.


We experimented measuring the force pf gravity and even had a look at what our hair would look like in zero gravity. If you have time take a look at a video from the International Space Station!


Who can tell me how Sir Issac Newton is related to gravity?


We are also working on expanded noun phrases. Can you explain what they are to your mum or dad? Can they write one?


Have a good weekend and don't forget to get your reading record signed 5 times and return your signed homework on Tuesday.


Mrs Harris

African adventures

This week in 4H we have been:

  • Learning about the Cape of South Africa in Topic. We learned that penguins live there.What was your favourite Cape animal? Why?
  • In PE we have played a version of rounders. What game skills did you learn?
  • In art we are designing African masks which we make next week with our bookmarks on our DT day (Thursday).
  • We have been learning about symmetry and investigating symmetrical patterns. Do you have any symmetrical patterns at home?
  • In English we have writing rhyming couplets and using onomatopoeia to write poems based on African Tales (The Sea Wind) Which type did you like best? Why?

Next week we will begin our African projects. What information will you include?

Did you go to the Summer Fayre?

Have a good weekend.


Hottest week yet!

     This week

In English we’ve finish reading fly Eagle fly

We have now been reading African tales also for our art.

What was your favourite part of the story in fly Eagle fly?


In art we have been doing sowing and designed pictures for our book mark.

What is your favourite design?


We also had a visit for some West Ham coaches. We played different activities.

What was your favourite activity?


In maths we have been learning different measurements.

How many questions did you answer?

Nearly there

When we tried to blog on Friday, the internet was down so here's what we've been up to.


We finished our persuasive writing by writing to Mr. Birtles to try to persuade him to change something in the school. What did you write about?

We also worked on reading coordinates in maths this week. How do you remember how to read them?

In science we worked on food chains and in art we etched our tiles for printing.

In 4H this week, the collective worship was planned and delivered by Holly, Tillie and George. They did a great job!

Check out the year 4 page of the website to see pictures of the children debating the fall of the Benin Empire. Who do you think was at fault?

It's a 4 day week this week but rest up . We will be having assessments this week in reading and maths.

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