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This week we have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes. 


Can you teach your parents, brothers, or sisters about...

  • regular and irregular shapes
  • Parallel and perpendicular lines
  • Acute, Obtuse and Right angles

Or why not look for some 3D shapes in your house? How many can you find?

Look after your teeth!

This week we were shocked to discover the effect that vinegar has on our teeth!

Have a look at our class webpage to see the results from our investigation into tooth decay.


Benin Art

This week we have been creating our own pieces of Benin art. Did you know that most of the Benin art consisted of brass plaques of the Oba?

We practised creating plaques out of polystyrene and using ink to create a pattern with the plaques. 

Next week we are going to practice carving a tile with our picture. 


How the digestive system works!

We really enjoyed our practical experiment to help us learn about the digestive system this week! 

We used a plastic sealed bag as the stomach and mixed crackers (food), orange juice (acid) and water (saliva) to show how the food breaks down in our stomach. 


We then push this into some tights (small instestine) and drained the liquid to show how we absorb the nutrients into our body. We then push the leftover food and liquid into a paper cup (the large intestine) where the water is absorbed into the body. The leftover waste is then expelled from the body. 


Take a look at some of our pictures on the class page to see how it's done!

History lessons!

This week we learnt all about Polish history! Did you know that Poland was conquered and divided by Prussia, Russia and Austria in 1772 and only fully regained independence in 1918?


You can learn a lot more about Polish history at in their Around the World section!

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