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Week Four

Hi 4SB, 


It's getting very close now to the end of term and I know you are desperate to know who your teacher will be next year- I promise I will let you know when I know!

Thank you all for your hard work this week- I know it is hard to do your best work when you are tired, but keep trying. I'd love to hand out even more golden letters next week!


This week we came up with our final designs for our bookmarks based on the illustrations in African Tales. These are looking great! Has anyone been practising sewing at home? If not, please do try to practise sewing and tying knots before next week's lesson.


We also wrote some poems based on a story from African Tales from Swaziland. We concentrated on using onomatopoeia. Can you make your own onomatopoeic word for something you have at home? 


That's all for this week,


See you on Monday, 

Miss Barnett


Summer has well and truly arrived

Hello 4SB!


Well, what an exciting week we have had in 4SB. 

First of all, the heat sent us in search of cool air and shade at the start of the week. We even worked in 4CB's classroom! (thankyou 4CB for lending us your classroom) We also did some lessons outside in our secret shady spot which stays shady all day!


We have also had not one....not two...but three golden letters awarded this week! Keep up the golden behaviour everyone- it could be you next!


We also had two exciting visits this week....On Wednesday we had Image Musical Theatre, performing 'The Selfish Giant' and on Friday we had The West Ham Association in, running lots o f workshops with the whole school. Both visits were great- we love having exciting visitors to our school!


I have already booked for Image Theatre to return next year with their production of 'Robin Hood' and am already excited. Do you know the story of Robin Hood?


What has been your favourite part about this week?


Have a good weekend!

Miss Barnett

Welcome back for our last term!

This week in 4SB we have started our new topic for the half term which is Africa. We used atlases to locate some of the different countries, mountains and rivers in Africa.


Can you remember any of the five African countries that you found?


We also finished our art project based on bronze Benin plaques and created a print with three different colours. I was very impressed with the result and you all worked independently. 


We're working on getting a display of your work up in our corridor. Keep your eyes peeled to see it soon!


I hope all of you who are at the disco tonight have a great time- everyone else, have a great weekend!


Miss Barnett


P.E, P.E and more P.E.

This week in PE we have been mostly focusing on athletics.


We have practised our turbo-javelin throwing and some of us have found a skill we didn't know we have.


Due to the heavy rain, we couldn't continue practising our other events, so we had to improvise and did aerobics in the hall with 4CB. 


Can you think of a song or a move that we could use next time (if it rains)?


In the next few weeks, the teachers will be looking for people to represent the school in the Borough Olympics in the following events:


Turbo Javelin (throwing)

Tennis ball throwing

70m sprint

Long jump (from standing still)


Get practising these at home if you are interested in going. We can only choose two people from the class.


What event will you be practising?


More next week 

Miss Barnett

Experiments, Mass and more

Apologies for my delayed post, 4SB. Keep checking the blog for more posts!


This week we carried out our science experiment. We had some really interesting results... 


Can you summarise what we now know about the affect of some of these liquids on our teeth?


We also had our first class Mass this week. You all did an excellent job and sang beautifully. Thankyou to those parents who came and supported us- it was lovely to have you visit our classroom!


This weekend I went to the theatre to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in London- I spent nearly the entire Saturday in the theatre! The play was incredible and I am still thinking about it today!


What have you been doing this weekend?


More next week, 

Miss Barnett

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