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01 07 2016

Aaron says, "I have enjoyed painting in Art."


Aliyahh says, "I have enjoyed sprinting in PE."


Mary says, "I have enjoyed writing our Native American Cinderella story."


Libby says," I have enjoyed multiplying fractions using the laptops."


Ella says, "I have enjoyed retelling the story of Willy the Wizard."


24th June

Sybil - I enjoyed creating our patterns in art.

Toni - I enjoyed writing our adventure stories in English.

Emma - I enjoy Friday's maths lessons because we were finding out about percentages.

Matthew - I liked playing football in PE.

10th June

Molly - I really enjoyed completing my tribal design in DT.


Libby - I have really enjoyed doi8ng our maths tests this week.


Aaron - I enjoyed learning how to play cricket with out cricket coach Terry.


Agata - I enjoyed learning about the Queen's birthday.


Aliyahh - I enjoyed dressing up and celebrating the Queen's 90th birthday.


Ella - I enjoyed writing our stories in English because they were very interesting.


Monica - I enjoyed taking part in the relay races in our PE lessons today.


Colette - I have enjoyed sewing in our DT lessons.


Raphael - Through this recent week, I have enjoyed planning a wedding in our maths lessons.


Matthew - I enjoyed writing our stories in English.


Fortune - This week I enjoyed Bishop Alan's visit to the school.


Albie - I have enjoyed learning about money in maths.


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