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An eventful final week of the half term!

We each had an amazing eventful week. On Monday we were writing out our persuasive texts as an assessment making sure we were able to receive the best level possible. Later on during the week on Thursday, we had an Aztec workshop and a man named Ian came to talked to us about it. We were all very fascinated at how the Aztecs had different but effective instruments all with its own way of playing.

In addition, many children were given Golden Letters for their appropriate behaviour towards everything they do. As well as the golden letters, we all had fun playing bench ball which was competitive but fair. 

Finally we ended the week with interesting and fun subjects and we all hope to do something like this again!


Our Adventurous Week!


This week quite a few people were congratulated with a golden letter, as a result of their outstanding behaviour.  This is the best reward! After two more, those wonderful people would get a fantastic golden award! A lot of children worked as hard as they could and were successful. It was very emotional for some, and magnificent for others. 

In literacy, we analysed the features of explanation texts. we learned many techniques such as causal connectives, rhetorical questions and a variety of sentence punctuation/openers. To add to that we learned how to use diagrams, charts and illustrations. Also, we learnt all about the delicious chocolate ( we even got to taste some and everyone said it was amazing!) 

In maths, we expressed our skills on algebra and did some challenging problem solving. we carried this on to the rest of the week. 

We look forward to ICT club, carrying on with our samba dancing/music and working our way to gold. 


To conclude, we had an out of this world week and this is our blog.

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