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Nonso, Matylda, Matthew, Eve, Louis, Emily, Shay

Grosvenor Hall is really fun but I miss you. Nonso.

When you wrote to me, I was brushing my teeth. I miss you. Jealous you went to festival practice on Tuesday. Matylda. 

Having a great time, had so much fun on the 3G swing, I miss fighting with you too James. Matthew. 

The week has gone too fast, the food has been iffy, however the activities have made up for it. Eve. 

Aerial runway was fun and the breakfast is delicious. Louis

I'm having a lot of fun here, the activities and food are nice. I miss you all. Emily Smith.

The food is nice and the activities are fun. I miss you. Shay. 

Thursday already

Lots of comments about it being Thursday already! It was very hard for us all to get up this morning but after showers and pain au chocolat for breakfast the children are ready for anything. Another busy day ahead of us!

3G wing

On Tuesday I really enjoyed the 3G swing because when you yanked the red rope you didn't expect that you would fly immediately. Also when you dropped, it felt like my organs flipped around. But I'm fine, I'm glad I did it. Seyi

outdoor laser

Today at Grosvenor Hall we played outdoor laser and I really enjoyed it. Zoe


I liked the fencing, I enjoyed being a judge and giving the instructions such as, 'on guard' and 'fence'. Imanpreet. 

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