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The Guide To Being A Good Writer!

1. Most writers find inspiration from other great authors this helps them develop their own style of writing.

2. When writing make sure imagine the feeling or tension you want the reader to feel ,this will make your story descriptive.

3. Always read through your story to see if it's up to standards.

4. Have fun! Writing is something you should enjoy.

Did You Know?

That the reflection you see in a mirror is not 100% accurate. What do you think ?

Not What It Seems?

There is a science theory that says that what colours you see may be different to what others perceive. When you see blue others may see it as your red but call it blue. Do you think it's true ? Its only a theory it could be factual of fake. 

My Favourite Book

my favourite book is head kid by David Baddiel here is a link to the 

trailer of the book....


Just by watching this trailer you can tell its a very intresting book a strict head teacher 

swapping bodies with the naughtiest boy in the school that's a sticky situation 

when the schools having inspectors over . 

to me David Baddiel  really captures the thoughts that go through a 11 year old boys head 

when switching bodies with an adult. 


 you can buy the book at or check if its available . 

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Hi my name is Oluchi and this is my profile! I live with my mum, dad and big brother and sister. I love playing games like football and fortnite. Also I love writing its my favourite subject. Usually, I listen to music and dance I enjoy afro beat its a type of African music.


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