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Special friends

Can you think of any words that have the /ay/ grapheme? Use the following special friends to give a list of words that you can think of with the /ay/ sound.

ai - paint, saint, faint

ay - play, tray, clay, staying

a-e  -cake, flake, shake, bake

What was school like for your grandparents?

This week in school we wrote some questions that we would like to ask our grandparents about what school was like when they were young. Can you find out the answers to your questions and tell me what school was like for your Nan and Grandad?

Phonics activities

I hope that you have been having a lovely holiday so far. Can you tell me some of the phonics activities that you have been doing so far? What books have you been reading? What happened in the story?


Phonics games

You have been given a phonics game to play at home. What other phonics activities are you doing over the holiday?


Next half term we will be naming plants and flowers. When you are out over the holiday, see whether you can name any plants, flowers or trees. Tell me what you have seen!

Have a lovely holiday everyone.

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