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My favourite book.

My favourite book is 'The Midnight Gang' by David Walliams. I like it because it is very adventurous and there are many incredible events that cannot happen in real life. It starts in the hospital and carries on the stories.

Have you read this book and do you like it? What is your favourite book?

"Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets: Slytherin Edition" Book Review

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A few weeks ago, this book came in the post. I had been waiting eagerly for it since my dad placed the order on Amazon for it. The moment I picked it up I couldn't put it down! It was a fast-paced adventure! 

About me

Hi my name is Oliver and I live in Stanford-le-hope with my 2 brothers,1 sister, mum,step-dad, my cat and my goldfish. I spend most of my time watching TV but I also really like to read. My best subject is PE and I really like English as well. I sometimes struggle with maths but I always get there in the end. I like school and I have lots of friends. My favourite sports are football and basketball. I am a bit cheeky and I always make my friends laugh. Me, my brothers and my sister are always fighting (it's kinda what siblings do) and I feel sorry for my Mum sometimes. I collect Pokemon cards and bobble heads. Bye! 


My Favourite Book

my favourite book is head kid by David Baddiel here is a link to the 

trailer of the book....


Just by watching this trailer you can tell its a very intresting book a strict head teacher 

swapping bodies with the naughtiest boy in the school that's a sticky situation 

when the schools having inspectors over . 

to me David Baddiel  really captures the thoughts that go through a 11 year old boys head 

when switching bodies with an adult. 


 you can buy the book at or check if its available . 

Daily life

Hi my name is Tushani and I am 10 years old and I am going to be telling u my daily life. The first thing I do in the morning is take off my sleep mask and check my phone. I will normally look at the Holy Bible app and look at the verse of the day. Then I go into my bathroom to brush my teeth. On the way, say good morning to my mum. After that I will go and have a shower, get dressed and do my hair. Then get my coat and my school bag. Next I will have breakfast and I love having waffles. My mum normally makes it sometimes I watch TV or I will read or finish any school homework and then put my shoes on and put my coat on  and get into my car BMW.

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