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My life

Hi I'm Jack and I LOVE gaming.I play lots of games like Minecraft and Roblox .I always  love to play on my computer or PS.4

book review

The book that I like is Getaway because it is funny and weird and the characters are on holidayImage result for getaway book.

all abut football

First of all you need a ball and boots to play and you need a goal. You need a coach to help you need to run and to do your task.yes

To get started do 3 laps  and you can start  your pass and move .


A Movie That We All Love or will love

 Avengers  Infiniti  War

I don't want to give any spoilers so I will only talk about the trailer. We all know that a lot of Avengers will sadly die.sad


Shopping life hack

 Let's talk about shopping. Now we all know how great shopping can be ,and some days we just want to go home so I got some life hacks for you. Life hack one . For all the people that love shopping but don't like the price this is the one for you. Who **** finding the perfect shoes and then realizing that they cost like £150 so go on eBay and I just know you will find the same shoes for a great price.


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